Innovative ZION now in stock

Increasingly, people are looking for where to buy and how much the innovative ZION substrate costs. We are pleased to announce that now it can be ordered on the website of the online store or purchased at garden centers. What is this tool and how will it be useful to you?

ZION is an ion exchanger used as a natural plant nutritional supplement. Its effectiveness and ease of use amazes the most experienced gardener.

What is the use of ZION?

  • supplies the plant with nutrients exclusively according to its needs, which ensures the intensive development of the root system and a very high survival rate;
  • eliminates the need for constant fertilization due to the fact that it prevents them from being washed out of the soil;
  • restores degraded and poor soil, making it suitable for planting in no time.
    What does the gardener get from using it in the end?
  • the survival rate of seedlings becomes higher;
  • the yield increases due to the more developed root system of the fruit crop;
  • ornamental plants give more flowering and delight with their appearance longer.
    Features of the application of top dressing ZION:
  • it is better to provide direct contact with the root system (you can not be afraid: there will be no root burn or overdose);
  • can be used for all types of plants;
  • the term of productivity of the substrate – up to 3 years.
    Application options:
  • add 1 tablespoon of the substrate as close as possible to the roots;
  • when transplanting seedlings, additionally with 1 spoon introduced into the ground, dust the roots of the plant;
  • during the season, you can apply top dressing through the depressions in the soil (create punctures 35-40 cm) around the trunk of the plant;
  • before planting seeds, mix the soil with ZION at the rate of: 1-2 tablespoons per 1 liter of soil. You can order ZION right now in the online store with delivery throughout Russia or buy it at any garden center.

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