How to properly collect seeds from the fruit of vegetables?

In fact, much depends on the crop itself. For example, onion and carrot seeds are dried until completely dry in umbrellas, then peeled off. Seeds of melons are taken out of the fruit, free from the pulp and thoroughly dried. The approximate process of collecting seeds looks like this:

The fruit should be fully ripe and large, as there are many more seeds. If the weather no longer allows the fruit to ripen in the vegetable garden, carefully pick it and ripen it indoors.

Cut the fruit lengthwise or crosswise (depending on the type of crop) and select the seeds along with the pulp. Place in a glass jar for pre-fermentation.

Once the juice has lightened and the pulp has risen to the surface, the seeds are much easier to pick. They are freed from the pulp, washed in running water and dried for about a week.

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