A man harvested his first crop

Reddit user albalfa decided this year to get a little closer to the earth and set up a small vegetable garden in his backyard. For several months he agonized with studying the subject and planting seedlings, dreaming that very soon he would be able to cook something exclusively from “his”. But the other day he learned that the knowledge he had gained was apparently not enough. Albalfa pulled the tops out of a bed of carrots, hoping that under the ground was already waiting for the result of his labor, but no such luck.

To make the audience understand how insignificant the harvest was, the man held up a five-dollar bill for comparison. It corresponds to the size of our thousand-dollar bill. It turns out that the carrot is no more than 10 cm long and barely more than a centimeter thick at the base. You can’t even use it for soup.

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