Our mission is to help you grow agricultural plants with minimal costs and maximum results. The varieties of plants presented in our store are suitable for growing at home and in farm conditions. Small packs are ideal for beginner farmers and home use. Providing delivery to more than 80 countries, we are sure that you will become our regular customer! With love, export group SEEDru.com

Agrotechnical laboratory
from 1990

Own agrotechnical laboratory Examine the grain (seeds), plants and the soil on which they grow. Determine the true cause of the problem and find options for solving it. We can accept your problem for evaluation and help in solving the problem. Since 2010, the laboratory has been equipped with the most modern high-tech equipment.

selection laboratory
from 1986

Head honored employees of the laboratory, candidates of biological sciences … Over the years of selection work (since 1986) more than a hundred varieties have been created. Currently, the “State Register of Breeding Achievements Approved for Use” of the Russian Federation includes 45 varieties of 15 types of essential oil crops. We are working on the creation of new varieties and right now.

Greenhouse complex
from 2010

12 full-functional complexes 2.2 hectares for year-round cultivation of plants, the largest complex in Russia. We provide the supply of plants both in Russia and export products to European countries. Greenhouse production is currently developing as a dynamic and efficient branch of agriculture, which is important for supplying the population with fresh and vitamin-rich vegetables, as well as flowers, including rare breeding plants, adapted for growing in difficult conditions in Russia and countries with harsh climates.

storage center
from 1995

A fully functional storage center ensures the storage of not only the storage of vegetables and fruits in vegetable stores, but also the storage of agricultural chemistry, biological substances, containers, and other tools for the functioning and provision of modern logistics.
The department of the complex provides round-the-clock shipment and acceptance of goods from all over Russia.
Since 2022, we have also been working with private buyers for small sales. Own export department open since 2020. Now exports include shipments to more than 80 countries, the largest buyers are Europe, the USA and Canada.

For any questions regarding the provision of additional services and agricultural research, please contact us via the feedback form.